OPM3 Portugal Results



OPM3 Portugal project ends 2014 presenting and distributing its full results.

See the videos (either in Portuguese and English) following the links below or subscribing our OPM3 Chanel on YouTube.

Download the detailed sectorial document results that represent the OPM3 Assessment reports and Improvement Plans for the sectors represented by the 70 cases already analyzed.   

First and second chapters present the project and its context and technical background.

In the Third and Fourth chapters you can see the detailed results divided by sectors. For each sector you have the assessment report, its slides, the improvement plan and its slides. You can also see videos that presents this documents, either in Portuguese or in English (available only after January 15th 2015).

In the fifth and sixth chapters you can see some samples of the international project recognition, either in the academic, scientific and application domains and in the Project Management representative institutions.


1. Introduction and context explanation

Video PT Video English 


2. Technical Project explanation

Video PT Video English 


3. Assessment Reports 


3.1 Information Systems – Medium and Big sized

Slides Report Video PT Video English 


3.2 Information Systems – Small sized

Slides Report Video PT Video English


3.3 Government

Slides Report Video PT Video English


3.4 Multinational

Slides Report Video PT Video English


3.5 Knowledge

Slides Report Video PT Video English


3.6 IT & Telecommunications

Slides Report Video PT Video English


3.7 Agile

Slides Report Video PT Video English 


4. Improvement Plans


4.1 Information Systems – Medium and Big sized

Slides Report Video PT Video English 


4.2 Information Systems – Small sized

Slides Report Video PT Video English


4.3 Government

Slides Report Video PT Video English

4.4 Multinational

Slides Report Video PT Video English


4.5 Knowledge

Slides Report Video PT Video English


4.6 IT & Telecommunications

Slides Report Video PT Video English

4.7 Agile

Slides Report Video PT Video English




5. Academic results

5.1. Dissertation: "OPM3 Project Portugal - Sector Analysis Results Applied to Research Organizational Maturity in Project Management"



Video PT


5.2. Paper "Country Project Management Maturity" 2012



5.3. Paper "Country Project Management Maturity" 2013



5.4. Paper "OPM3 Versus Other Project Managment Assessment Methodology In An EVM Implementation" 2013



5.5. Paper "OPM3® Portugal Project: Analysis of Preliminary Results" 2014



5.6. Paper "100 Organizational Improvements Using OPM3®" 2013



5.7. OPM3 Portugal Project Presentations

5.7.1. Presentation 1 5.7.2. Presentation 2 5.7.3. Presentation 3 5.7.4. Presentation 4 

5.7.5. Presentation 5 5.7.6. Presentation 6 5.7.7. Presentation 7 5.7.8. Presentation 8 

5.7.9. Presentation  9 5.7.10. Presentation 10 5.7.11. Presentation 11 5.7.12 Presentation 12


5.8. OPM3 Portugal Project Related Videos

5.8.1. Video 1 5.8.2 Video 2 5.8.3 Video 3 5.8.4 Video 4


6. Project International Recognition

6.1. OPM3® Knowledge Foundation

6.1.1. OPM3


Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) Knowledge Foundation Third Edition

6.2. Others 

6.2.1. Presentation 1 6.2.2. Presentation 2 6.2.3. Presentation 3 6.2.4. Presentation 4 

6.2.5. Presentation 5 6.2.6. Presentation 6 6.2.7. Presentation 7 6.2.8. Presentation 8



7. Conclusions and Future Work

The outcomes actually do not end with the presentation and discussion of assessment results and improvement plans for each sector. In OPM3 Portugal we could consider an additional project phase after Closing, named Legacy. The project will own and concede Legacy, as the some of the outcomes of the fieldwork will only rise after the organizations implement the improvement plans and consequently result in a gradually Portuguese maturity improvement. 

In conclusion, this project has much to offer to Portuguese industry, from individual organizations to industry sectors. The implementation of the appropriate best practices to each organization and cluster will guide the organizations to implement successful projects.

For future work, either to reexamine the envolved organizations to realize the project impacts or to do a bigger European or Global project would be very interesting.

8. Podcasts 


Listen to the project podcasts or search by OPM3 Portugal in our favorite podcast player.



We hope you enjoy this project and its results publication.

The organizations who took part in the project can directly compare their results against the sector, because reports and improvement plans are all standardized documents.